Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Yay! Soccer season is here! I am so excited this year because Aidan is old enough to join in the soccer fun. I have enjoyed our lazy days during winter filled with monotony and routine (apart from the craziness surrounding the holidays). But it's time to rock and roll, get moving, and soak up some vitamin D. Our first games were this past week and the kids had so much fun:

The kids are having a great time making new friends and I really think they needed an outlet for their energy. It's like they behave so much better when they have something to look forward to and a place to run of their energy. I had my first glance at Aidan trying to act cool for his friends, and I have learned that Nevaeh has no problem being singled out as the jokester of the group. And their support for each other is really amazing. Nevaeh really loves her brothers and had such a great time cheering Aidan on at his first game. Seeing them involved in a sport with other kids their age really makes my heart swell with pride. They are such good kids. They are both so loving and so passionate and so much fun! 

I thank God for the amazing little people that they are. And I am looking forward to the amazing spring we have just begun and all of the fun we can fill it with! 

Along with sports, our schedule of homeschooling is really filling up and both of the kids are having a great time with lessons. I have much more energy and motivation for their lessons when the sun is out, and I feel like the good weather inspires and sparks our imaginations to help us learn so much more. I may be one of the only people in the state of Georgia who really loves and appreciates our sweltering hot and long summers. Here's to long hot summers with so much to do and explore!

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